How the Process Works

If you look over our designs and prices and like what you see, here’s how the process works.

First, contact us to see what our availability is at the moment. (There is a contact form in the sidebar to the right.) If we can get to your design within the time you need we will send you a questionnaire to get a synopsis of your story and a couple sample images of how you picture your character or cover. We recommend the sites,, or because of their good selection and reasonable pricing.

We will set a date for the project. Then I will create several sample covers for you to look at. You can tell me what you like and don’t like. I’ll make adjustments.

After we decide on a design you like, you will purchase the images from the stock photo site (or I can purchase them and add the cost to your invoice) and we will create the design for you.

If you are also using us to format your eBook and print book, we will then get to work on those files, making sure that the interior file matches the cover art on the title pages and headers. You will be invoiced separately for this portion.

We look forward to working with you!